Caring for Children since 1954
School Age Children (6 years to 12 years)

School Age Children at Hamilton AcademyFor 2022/2023 school year:

We offer an after school program.   

The Hamilton Academy Schooler program is designed to meet the needs of children who are attending public schools (6 - 12 years old). This would include before and after school, full time in the Summer,
holidays and various days when the schools are closed.

After SChool Care - Football play for School Age Children at Hamilton AcademyRecent studies in child development have revealed that these periods away from the school classroom should not be dealt with lightly. The environment and the use of the time should be carefully planned in order to effectively continue the children's learning and development. Here at Hamilton Academy we are determined to provide the finest program and facilities for this program and our Coordinator is involved daily in the planning and guidance of our curriculum.

Please remember that this is not a classroom program. It is an active, moving and often noisy environment where the children make choices, join in the planning and are reasonably free to move from one activity to the other.


23/24 CFBISD school calendar

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