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Daily Curriculum

Our goal is to have a well- balanced curriculum of guided learning, child selected learning, activities and fun. Generally, each day follows this basic agenda with activities and field trips away from the center scheduled periodically. Curriculum differs for older and younger groups.

From To Activity
6:00 7:00 Classes combined.
7:00 8:15 Outside if possible.
8:15 Classroom center, bathroom breaks, table toys.
8:50 9:30 Breakfast
9:35 9:50 Group time. (Discussion, Books, and Fingerplays)
9:35 12:00 Gym Rotations - Tots through JK participate twice weekly for 30 minutes.
9:20 10:30 Centertime: teacher directed activities and language activities.
10:00 Potty break and outside play.
10:30 Clean up time.
10:30 Puzzles and books, large muscle activities such as scarf dancing or songs and musical instruments. 
11:00 11:40 Lunch time.
11:40 12:30 Preparing for nap: Children go potty, get out books and stuffed animals, and lay on their beds while listening to music.
12:30 2:30 Nap time.
2:30 3:15 Waking up: Children go potty again, put up their nap things, and wash their hands for snack.
3:15 3:40 Snack.
3:40 4:00 Books and songcards.
4:00 4:45 Center choices.
4:45 Playground and potty break.
5:00 5:15 Clean up: if inside.
5:15 6:00 Classes combined.


Classroom schedule may vary according to age, and/or each teacher's needs

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