Caring for Children since 1954
About Clothing and Things

It is important that all children feel as equal as possible. Some parents can afford more things than others, so we do not allow children to bring their own toys or money. Personal items to sleep with are allowed. It is best to leave valuable items at home because we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.

Clothing should be appropriate for the time of year and should be durable enough for hard play. Each child should have an extra set of clothing. Hamilton Academy does not accept responsibility for damaged clothing.

All shoes must buckle, tie, or in some way be held on their feet. Flip-flop style slip-ons and sandals are dangerous during activities and must not be worn.

All clothing should be permanently marked with your child's name. During the summer each child will need a swimsuit and towel.

Don't forget to send a mask if your child is two years or older.

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