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Transporting Your Child

Hamilton Academy provides transportation for all field trips and activities away from the center. Before and after school transportation is provided to and from most local elementary schools.

We require that each driver have a history of safe driving. Our drivers are given special safety instructions before they begin driving. The vehicles are either owned by the Driver or Hamilton Academy itself. They are covered by liability insurance and must have a current Texas Inspections Sticker. Hamilton Academy has written rules for the operation of vehicles, and a copy is available upon request.

Each Hamilton Academy vehicle is equipped with a cellular telephone, first aid kit and fire extinguisher. A seat belt is provided for each child and 14 seats are available on the small buses.

For 2018/2019 school year:

We offer an afterschool program. Our six buses pick up at:


  • *Janie Stark
  • *Farmers Branch
  • Central
  • *Blair
  • *Strickland
  • *Vivian Field

 Tom Gooch (morning drop off is not available)

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